Video and interview by Punika Limpanudom (@punikasayshi)

I did a little Q & A interview for you guys about my favorite place in the world, New York. Keep reading for some of my favorite places, memories and pieces of advice.

What’s your relationship with New York?

I grew up in California, but New York will always be home to me. It’s the place where I really found myself; I met my husband in New York City, I had this torrid love affair where I was traveling back and forth, LA to New York. But, I really found myself and grew into an actual man in New York. It’s the first time I felt like I was actually part of the world, it’s unique in that way.

What do you love about New York?

I love the pace. I love the energy. I love the connection. I love bumping shoulders next to people. I love the fact that you can go to a dinner with anybody at anytime and there’s a ballerina, there’s a starving artist, there’s a politician, there’s a decorator, and everybody’s on the same playing field. They’re all part of the grind, all part of the movement. That currency and that exchange is what fuels this city.

What’s the fondest memory you have in New York?

I had a first date with my husband here on the top of a roof with a pink sunset where he kept spilling wine all over me. He was so nervous, I was so nervous. But I’ll never forget the warmth of that sunset and the smell of the air on that night.

What’s on the top of JB’s best kept secret list of New York?

My best kept secret about New York, aside from the people, would be 4 Charles which is hands down the best burger in the world.

So what’s the best tip you would give a young person moving to NY?

I think if you’re moving to New York City, you’re already on the right path. I would say run here with your arms wide open, experience as much as possible. There’s a chapter when I moved to New York where I was terrified and I wondered if I was doing the right thing all the time. But I found that one spot - a girlfriend of mine said “find that one spot that’s yours” - and I’ll never forget, it was a coffee shop, Jack’s, on 11th street. And one day I went in there and they went, “Hey Jeremiah, the usual?” and I started crying, because I realized, this is it, I’m home, they know me, this is my spot. And from that moment on, it got way easier.

How is the design industry in New York?

The design industry is amazing in New York because it’s fast, and people are connected to youth and inspiration. They want new blood, they want to feel the connection with artists. You know, this city is about keeping up, and I think it really challenges you to be better at your job, to be a better creator, to keep up your pace.

Do you deal with the New York cold well?

I love the New York cold. But then again, I love everything about New York, every season. I grew up in California, I’m used to 80 degrees. But there’s a romance to snow and the winters here. There’s a romance to the connection in watching people maneuver their modern day lives through the inconsistencies and inconvenience of weather. I’ve always found it deeply romantic.

Do you ever think about moving back?

I love New York, it will always be home for me. I think about moving back all the time, it’s more complicated now when you’ve got a family. But I’m always going to be open to coming back to the city where I found myself.

What’s your favorite building?

My favorite building hands down, is 39 5th Avenue. It’s my first home, the first place I built a home with my husband, the first place we brought our daughter home. Every time I walk past that building I weep a little bit. It’s a special spot.

Best Restaurant?

Hands down my favorite restaurant is Morandi in the West Village. Again, it’s just like going home. The food, the servers, ordering online more times than I care to admit. It’s a great restaurant, it’s like the neighborhood haunting spot.

What advice would you give to yourself as a 20 year old moving here?

I always bet on myself. That was always my gut reaction. I knew that I could do it if I just decided to do it. So my advice to anybody would be to just bet on yourself. Life only gives you what you’re open to receiving. I believed that, I still believe that. So that’s it, bet on yourself.

Why is New York such a great place for people to live in?

The city is like the greatest Masterclass you’re ever going to get. You walk down the street and you hear like 14 languages and you see people talking and connecting, and you’re part of a rhythm here. It’s unique in that way, it’s your opportunity to really become a citizen of the world and that’s what I love about it.