"This is our shame.

I am a father of two: Poppy and Oskar. They have names. Not numbers.

I am a descendant of immigrants.

This is not a democratic issue, this is not a republican issue. This is an issue of human decency. This is an issue about the human spirit. And a call to action.

The systematic separation of children from their parens goes against the very fiber of our humanity.

Love may be the answer to darkness but I assure you that apathy, looking away from the shame and not confronting the fact that something like this is happening in our own country, is a type of neglect that will take generations to heal. If even possible.

I believe that this platform has a responsibility to leave this place more beautiful than it was when we got here.

What I know is that the ripple effect of this injustice, if the discard of humanity continues, what's left?

Who's left to hear the unheard?

Who's left to see the unseen?

So I'm asking all of you: Post. Share. March. Rally. Donate. Call. Comment. Remind people. And REPEAT.

This injustice should be in the forefront of all of our consciousness."


#ImmigrantChildren #FamiliesBelongTogether

Take action:

HRC, ACLU, Human Rights First, United We Dream Action:




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