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Photos: @punikasayshi


It’s been a long time coming for our new house (it seriously feels like a million years since we started work on it), but our big reveal is finally out in last month’s Architectural Digest magazine! We had a blast on the photoshoot, and even more fun on the house tour video — be sure to check it out.

A lot of love (and sweat and tears) went into creating this forever home, and Nate and I couldn’t be happier with it. So, to celebrate our home’s unveiling, I wanted to share some of my favorite intimate corners of our home that may not have been covered during our shoot with you…



There is something so peaceful and calming about this space. It’s open, airy, and bright. When we were picking out finishes and furniture we wanted pieces that felt like they had history and a story to tell. Everything in this room has its own memories, and they come together so harmoniously in the space. Some items are vintage, some are from our travels, some just called to Nate and me the second we saw them. Regardless, every piece in the atrium is intentional and beautiful — and it shows.

Between those rustic tiles and that incredible vintage bench, this is where you want to just sit down and take it all in. So that’s exactly what I do — the atrium is my favorite place to start my mornings and has become a bit of a ritual for me. This is where I meditate, get myself together, and find my energy for the day ahead. The room feels simple but rich, welcoming but calming. An absolutely perfect space.




When Nate and I first started dating we knew we were in trouble — how in the world were we going to combine all of the stuff we’d curated separately over the years? Especially the books?? Designing this space felt like going through that struggle all over again. It was originally planned as the dining room but it never felt right for that purpose, and as the library (which it is absolutely perfect for in every way), the space presented itself as our most important challenge in the house.

Books, reading, and knowledge have always been our biggest inspiration — both separately in our lives and together as a family. We wanted a space that reflected that importance. We were visiting a friend’s house in Venice where they have a room that is just surrounded wall to wall in books, and filled with little objects that they love. Being surrounded by those small things that brought our friends such joy was the catalyst for this room. And it’s become a central heart of the home — it’s both a place where we come together every night as a family to have a quiet moment with Poppy and read to her, as well as a place where Nate and I can relax as adults with friends and enjoy some more grown-up time over tequila.



As much as I love books and our library, anyone who knows me knows that my true love is my shoes. It’s become an inside (ok, not so inside) joke with my family and friends, and they constantly make fun of me for referring to my shoes as my “investment portfolio.” So when it came time to design this space, I wanted to make sure it showcased my babies.

Coming into this room every morning makes me insanely happy — from the organization, to the rolling library-style ladder, to the light-filled casement window, to the rows and rows of display shelves for my shoes. I don’t know why, but there’s something about customizing a closet for a specific person that really makes the space feel more personal — I’m repeatedly suggesting that clients look into custom closets, and it really makes all the difference in the world for then. I felt the same way about this space. Nate laughs at me, but I’m basically a kid in a candy store in my closet. It’ll never get old.




We’re so thrilled to share our home with the world, and we think it truly represents the love in our little family. This is a place for Poppy to grow up and for Nate and I to grow old together, and as sappy as it sounds, it truly is where our hearts are.

Check out the full spread of our home on Architectural Digest here, as well as our house tour video.