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Jeremiah Brent1 Comment


Photography: @punikasayshi 

I came across throwing pottery completely by chance. It was recommended by a friend that I take a class at a pottery studio down the street. Despite my unfamiliarity with the art, I wanted to give it a go. So, I scheduled a session on a random night and took my very first class.

The experience of taking a lump of clay, working it between your hands and creating something completely unique to you, is one that is completely transformative. Each piece is individual, unlike anything else and completely unique in every way.

Throwing pottering is one of those rare activities that not only affords you the opportunity to create something original by hand — but I have found it deeply meditative. The silence of the creation process had me right away and you walk out with a sense of peace, and  joy from creating something with your bare hands.

Ultimately, it left me completely inspired and I knew that I had discovered something really special, a new passion — So I decided it was time to create my very own  pottery studio. I wanted to create a space that felt moody and transporting. I pulled from the colors and tones that you would find in different types of clay and pottery materials. I love the idea of creating a space that is all my own — separate in both design and atmosphere from the rest of the house.

I cannot wait for it to finally come together, check below for our progress photos from the project and stay tuned for more along the way!

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